Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Back in the Saddle once again.

Sorry for the absence, but my sinus' acted up and I was out of it for about two weeks.  But, I overcame and am ready for a few walls to break down.

My Autosomnal test results for D9S919 came back with a value of 17/17.  Now, to find out what that really means.  Seems my internet searches only brought confusion and some reports with a lot of big words. :)

When I did feel like researching these last few weeks, I was able to fill in some holes in the STATHAM, DONALDSON, COLEMAN, and DAVIS families.  Nothing earth shaking just housekeeping.

Issues I am following closely:

John Davis.  Served with the Florida Infantry, but no record of his pension application (according to Florida Memories) by anyone in the family.  Who did file for his pension after his death in the war.  He died in Knoxville, did they issue a death certificate, no record in Florida that I can find.

Learning how to use the Bureau of Land Management database. Found the Patent for the land William Davis-1797 obtained in 1831 in Baldwin County Alabama. Even located John Davis-1824 Patent for his land in 1853 in Monroe County Alabama.

The marriage certificate for John Davis and Ann Fogg was issued in Monroe County FL.  What was he doing down there?

Ambitious, Yes ... Possible, Somewhat!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rainy Days

Spent some time with the Statham and Price Family, this included Blue, McDuffie, McLeod, Willcox and Thomson families.

While I found no earth shattering facts, I did manage to fill in  a few holes.

Still looking for facts about the early life of Seaborn, like prior to 1835. Seems he like to hide move around a lot.

My Civil War snapshot of my relatives has grown to 174 individuals.  It is perhaps the fastest growing thing on the whole blog site.  :)

My Top 7 List:
  1.  William Davis' parents.
  2.  Hezekiah Elbert Byrd's parents. 
  3.  Selimea Thompson's parents.
  4.  Seaborn Statham's first wife.
  5.  Anything on Ann M Fogg ... John L's first wife.
  6.  William Davis's grave location.
  7.  Location of Sarah Elizabeth Annie Statham's grave and circumstances of her death.


Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Scanning the Horizons

Continuing my searches with the Byrd's, Coleman's, and a few Native American sites.

My link with Hezekiah still eludes me.  I have emailed several people in Wiki that have relatives, that I have info on but they have no information. Hopefully we can connect.

Mom has started the paperwork exercise to get a "Florida Pioneer  Certificate."  Could a DAR submission be far behind?

Did Seliema Slay re-marrry after William died?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Brick Walls

These are my brick walls that seem to resist my best efforts to bring them down.

1. William DAVIS, Born 1795-1800 in North Carolina, After 1870 in Florida.
     - Parents, possible first marriage prior to 1824 and any information prior to 1830

2. Hezekiah Elbert BYRD, Born 1844 in South Carolina, Died 1926 in Florida.
     - Parents

3. Selimea Caroline THOMPSON, Born 1802 in South Carolina, Died 1892 in Florida.
     - Parents, family lore suggests she was native american.

If you have any information, no matter how small, Please contact me at:

Friday, July 25, 2014

As You Guessed ... I have done the DNA Testing!

I used FTDNA to do all my testing and this is the result.

My "Y Haplogroup" is R-Z284
     - I have tested out to 111 markers

My "mtDNA Haplogroup is U5b2b3a

I am waiting for the results of my D9S919 tests.

Maternal (MTDNA)

My maternal tree looks like this:

Selimea Thompson Slay – 1802-1892
Julian Slay Register  -  1844-1912
Sarah Ann Register Nelson -  1865-1946
Everetta Dinson Nelson Anderson  -  1883-1952
Everetta Nelson Anderson Heisner  -  1912-1990
Shirley Anne Heisner Davis  -  1933-Present
William J. Davis  -  1952-Present

[Bold Last Surname is their Married Surname Name]

My "Y DNA" Family

William J. Davis     1952-Present
Billy J. Davis          1933-200
Louis S. Davis        1896-1948
John M. Davis        1857-1934
John L Davis           1824-1862 
William Davis          1800(?)-1880(?)                                                                                                          

I'm Back

Well, after a brief but extended absence, I have returned to this blog spot.  But, I am going to slightly modify the content.  Since I do a lot of Genealogy, I will use this site to present a lot of the information I uncover and use it as a communications tool.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bubba's Road Trip - Day 9

Well, my trip has come to an end.  The last segment from Chicago to Washington was uneventful.  I spent most of this time resting and spending some time alone. 

Mainly to convince myself to come back to work.  The ride along the Potomac River was as beautiful as ever.  I saw a few places I would like to make a Sunday drive in order to explore more.  Namely, Harper's Ferry for one.

So once again, the adventure ends and a new Bowling year starts.  The 2014 Tournament is scheduled for Reno once again.  So I only have 11 months until the next train excursion begins.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bubba's Road Trip - Day 8

A new week and I am heading for Chicago and should be there after lunch.  Last night ended with a long discussion with a young couple from Lincoln NE. They are in the process of relocating to Ft Carson CO.  He was medically retired from the Army at the age of 24.  He is involved in investing and trying to make his first million.  He is investing and banking heavily on the legalization of Marijuana on a national scale.  I wish them luck. Looks like we are staying just on the heels of the snow storm.  Every now and then the snow kicked up by the train causes a whiteout in my window.  Making visibility of the great flat farmland hard.  I would hate to miss the once in a lifetime and rare photographic moment ... an ear of corn sprouting forth!  We arrived in Chicago about 75 minutes late.  Most of the lost time was due to malfunctioning switches due to snow and ice.  At the metro lounge AMTRAK's wireless was messed up and I was unable to post some of the blogs, check email, or upload my fitbit for the last few days.  But finally after a 30 minute maintenance delay we were off and headed for home.  This must be the Disney version of the train because there are lots of kids on this train.  You really have to watch out as they come flying down the hall way.  Of course there have already been several bumps and bruises. I had my normal dinner fare (steak and baked potato and ice cream) and shared the table with a railroad buff.  He gave me some great tips for getting the most out of the train system.  I guess I should write a few of them down so I won't forget them.  I wish they would shift the schedule for I always do the Chicago to Pittsburgh leg in the dark.  It would be nice to see the area but then again, what is good about Pittsburgh?

Bubba's Road Trip - Day 7

New day and the rails keep on clacking away.  I must of been tired for I didn't even budge until 7 am when the PA announced the first call for breakfast. I usually make the 6:30 breakfast.  Breakfast this morning was shared with a gentleman who was a screen writer. His new movie he is writing is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2014. Wonder if I could get written in as the lead male actor?  I would be a cinch for the Oscar then.  Ha! One young mom learned a lesson this morning about taking her small daughter (maybe 4) into the dressing room with her. Her daughter asked a million questions about their body differences not realizing their voices carried quite well.  I laughed so hard as mom gave a detailed explanation for some simple questions. Sometimes being brief is a good thing! The scenery is beautiful as we enter the mountains with a light snow.  A herd of deer, pheasant, rabbit, eagle and mustangs are the highlight so far.  The wind near Grand Junction whipped up the snow enough to make it look like a whiteout.  The ground has already turned white (about 30 minutes).  Another late spring snow?  It is funny seeing the snow coming down and a trout fisherman standing in the Colorado River fly fishing. Lunch was once again shared with some Iowa State fans.  Is the train full of them?  These weren't so happy as their team had just lost. During lunch we made our stop at Glenwood Springs CO., and 100 skiers got on.  So now this train is full. The ride through the mountains was fun ... more snow since I was last here.  As we came down the mountain into Denver, I saw a very large Elk standing on the ridge line.  He was huge and there were 2 others standing nearby.  I ate dinner as they pulled into Denver. My dinner partners were just vacationers ... no more basketball fanatics.  Now we start the flat portion of the trip through the Plains.  Good thing it is dark ... I can sleep through Nebraska and Iowa. We should be in Omaha by breakfast.

Bubba's Road Trip - Day 6

Today was an early day.  Singles and doubles were scheduled for 7 am with a 6 am check in time.  So I was up at 4 am to pack and get organized. I even managed to eat some breakfast.  The pace was fast as we rolled 6 games in under 3 hours.  I had a lot of practice shooting an inside line.  Like standing 20 and throwing out to 10. Oh well, so much for technical stuff.  Muscle cramps are the name of the game right now.  I had to buy a new a new bowling bag when my old one broke on me in the middle of a crosswalk when I was heading back to checkout of the Silver Legacy.  The old bag lasted only 11 years. To bad it was not a quality product.  I made it to the terminal with about 2 hours to wait.  The biggest problem was they kept that place so cold I fought with cramps the whole time, especially one in my right arm. Finally the train showed up, I boarded and got the heat turned up in my room and sucked down some Tylenol.  Knock on wood the cramps have gone away for now.  Dinner (steak and baked potato) was great.  Do you see a common theme in my meals like I do?  My dining partners were rabid Iowa State fans.  I don't think they took more than one bite between every check of their IPhone as too the current basketball scores.