Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Back in the Saddle once again.

Sorry for the absence, but my sinus' acted up and I was out of it for about two weeks.  But, I overcame and am ready for a few walls to break down.

My Autosomnal test results for D9S919 came back with a value of 17/17.  Now, to find out what that really means.  Seems my internet searches only brought confusion and some reports with a lot of big words. :)

When I did feel like researching these last few weeks, I was able to fill in some holes in the STATHAM, DONALDSON, COLEMAN, and DAVIS families.  Nothing earth shaking just housekeeping.

Issues I am following closely:

John Davis.  Served with the Florida Infantry, but no record of his pension application (according to Florida Memories) by anyone in the family.  Who did file for his pension after his death in the war.  He died in Knoxville, did they issue a death certificate, no record in Florida that I can find.

Learning how to use the Bureau of Land Management database. Found the Patent for the land William Davis-1797 obtained in 1831 in Baldwin County Alabama. Even located John Davis-1824 Patent for his land in 1853 in Monroe County Alabama.

The marriage certificate for John Davis and Ann Fogg was issued in Monroe County FL.  What was he doing down there?

Ambitious, Yes ... Possible, Somewhat!

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